Airlines can seamlessly offer ancillaries such as preferred seats, meals, baggage, wifi etc, directly in the email (including RCS messaging). Passengers can engage and transact with the airlines merchandising content with ease and bypass today’s current frictional user experience.

Airlines_ Ancillary Upsell/ Fetching Boarding Pass
Sporting Events, Concerts, Shows_ Ticketing/Seat Upsell

When it comes to stadium seating, every seat serves as a unique commodity, which means that the pricing will dynamically change according to the timing and demand of the offering. SAM's solution is designed to reflect real-time ticket and seat upgrade prices with the use of RCS in the SMS channel.

Forget the extra steps of copy and pasting tracking numbers from your email into the carriers website to find out the status of a package, simply just open up the interactive email and a real-time status will dynamically update in there.

E-Commerce_ Shipping & Tracking Update

Offering ground transportation (Train, coaches etc) customers a real-time seat map in a text message and giving them the opportunity to select a seat and transact directly in this channel.

Trains & Coaches_ Seat Upsell