Challenge & Opportunity


Seat assignment and seat upgrade are typically accessed via login’s, check-in process or airlines’ website/call center/desk. If we are trying to sell seats to the passengers, we cannot be hiding this content from them, nor can we stack hurdles inbetween them making a seat booking. This frictional experience goes against a good user experience and contributes highly to a drop-off rate. This can be a huge problem when seat upgrade is one of the highest ancillary revenue streams for an airline.

Seat upsell


Having real-time seat assignment/upgrade directly in the email, provides absolute transparency of seat availability as well

as pricing. When the email is opened,

the appropriate seat pricing according

to the traveler’s booking class or

frequent flyer status, will be displayed.


When the email is opened, the traveler's ticket class will be determined and the appropriate pricing of the seat(s) will be displayed.

Main Features


1) Real-time availability update after email sent

2) Real-time pricing update in inbox every time when email is opened

3) Dynamic pricing and availability based on FFP and SSR data

4) One click booking experiences

5) Modern e-commerce and consumer centric, no more PNR login

6) Works on all email clients and devices

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