Drive innovation


A reseller partnership program for Airline PSS, Airline retail IT, Travel Agency mid/back office providers and digital agencies.


PSS and technology providers in the Airline industry have been and still are the main driving force for innovation. Our goal is to help deliver innovation in the email channel to Airline I.T. providers and further enhance their services to their customers.

Challenge & Opportunity


While there are more than 5 billion itinerary related emails sent every year, ancillary revenue conversions from email point of sales are still reasonably low. This results in Airlines (and Agencies) constantly in search for new integrated solutions to replace current solutions.



SeatAssignMate has now transformed the email into a sophisticated merchandising touchpoint. With the use of interactive email technologies, this allows PSS a chance to provide Airlines an immersive and engaging digital experience in a SENT email... conducting retail web techniques such as reflecting dynamic pricing, real time responses, personalized ad targeting and data driven recommendations.

Dynamic Content


Each time the email is opened, we have the ability to dynamically change the service content (in a sent email) according to Airline’s recommendation rules.


Dynamic Pricing


When the email is opened, the traveler's ticket class will be determined, and the correct pricing of the services that are associated with that ticket class will be displayed.

Data driven decisions


Helping Airlines make predictive service recommendation decisions, by providing them essential traveler behavior data and in email interactions.

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