We specialize in Interactive Emails for the travel industry


When an air booking is completed by either an Airline or an Agency, we help them transform their traditional static confirmation email into an immersive experience… by curating content that is interactive, dynamic and real-time.


This means that travelers now have the ability to assign free/preferred seats, purchase services such as baggage, on-board meals, lounge access etc, all from within their email.

Post-ticketing merchandising opportunities


By implementing merchandising and up-sell content directly in the travelers email, we have created a whole new platform and revenue stream for Airlines and Agencies. It extends the life cycle of merchandising opportunities after a ticket is purchased.


Delivering the relevant up-sell content and real time promotions to the right traveler, at the right time... we are able to increase the click through rate by 100%.

Feature 1: Seat Assignment


Real-time clickable seat map for the traveler to complete seat assignment. The seat map is synchronized to the Airline's system for dynamic pricing of paid seats.

Feature 2: Ancillary Services


Ancillary service offerings are displayed, with dynamic pricing based on booking class/frequent flyer status. The traveler can now select their desired service within their email.

Feature 3: Flight Check-in


When the check-in window is open, the boarding pass can be generated with a click of a button, or in some cases, auto generated.

Feature 4: Real-time Updates


If there are any changes to the flight schedule, the itinerary will reflect this change dynamically when the email is opened.

Feature 5: Countdown Clock


The countdown clock informs the traveler of their flight departure/online check-in time.

10-27% Uplift in online orders

Feature 6: Multiple Devices


Email runs as a native app across all devices, so with one solution, airlines are able to penetrate all devices and operation systems.

The application is designed as plug and play with no implementation cost. Unlike mobile apps development, which requires heavy investment and IT implementation, and that is only limited for one device.

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