Challenge & Opportunity


Ancillary conversions from the GDS channel don’t meet airlines’ expectations, while GDS connected agencies do not have the necessary tools/software to upsell ancillaries in an automated manor.



“On our website (booking), take-up rates for some of our ancillary offers exceeds 20%.

We get none of that - Zero - on the OTAs”

- Director, eCommerce, US-based network Airline


“Distribution is about transparency. In retail, the stores must present merchandise the

way the brands want. Airlines have no control over presentation or merchandising in GDSs and OTAs”

- Vice President, Distribution, European network/flag Airline


“GDSs and travel agencies that can’t sell our ancillary products the way we want”

- Managing Director, eCommerce, European network/flag Airline



The NDC compliant Interactive Email will provide airlines a new booking avenue to distribute ancillary content in non-direct booking channels.


1)   Access to anonymous travelers

2)   Increase ancillary conversions

3)   Control consistent branding and loyalty

      of indirect booking travelers

4)   Save cost for both agencies and airlines


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