Challenge & Opportunity


Meal selection:

The scale of inflight catering is astonishing, with an enormous issue of wastage. Airlines will produce and fly over 100 million tons of on-board waste in the next 10 years. - IATA


Every extra kilo we bring on-board will increase CASM. Airlines can stop playing the guessing game and reduce food wastage, by giving travelers the  option to book their meal in advance... resulting in happier customers, reduce fuel cost and food wastage!


Checked in baggage:

As baggage is deemed as the second most popular ancillary content, this is a critical revenue stream for airlines. However, manual and stressful airport experience for both baggage drop off and pick up decreases the conversions and margins.


Checking-in baggage via email in advance will increase conversions and reduce labor cost at the airport counter and innovative in-email baggage status tracking adds a more premium experience for travelers and a new revenue stream for airlines.




Ancillary service offerings (with dynamic pricing based on booking class/frequent flyer status) are displayed within the email.


The ancillary purchase initiative is at the forefront for many airlines as they have learned this is a critical revenue source and is growing double digits from year upon year. Bypassing hurdles to reach rich content, improving conversion rates and increasing the NPS score, is something an-all-in one (interactive) email achieves. Injecting available ancillaries into the email and transforming it into clickable content, allows for a much seamless and booking experience for the traveler. For most airlines, this is a new booking avenue... with a new revenue stream.

In-Email Meal Selection


The ability to book or pre-select a meal directly from an email is not only a dramatically improved user-experience from today’s current booking process, but for airlines there are more benefits than what meets the eye. Increased conversions and revenue is the obvious factor, but knowing ahead of time of what meals the passenger desires will prevent a lot of wastage. From an operational stand point, the airlines and food distributors can plan easier and prepare the appropriate amount accordingly. Eliminating overstockage of meals will also mean, less weight onboard... resulting in fuel reduction costs.


In-Email Baggage Purchase

& Tracking


Baggage info, baggage purchase and baggage tracking are all streamlined into one single email. The purpose is to increase conversions, improve user experience and reduce labor costs at the airport.


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