Challenge & Opportunity


Interlining and codeshare agreement extended the reach of individual airlines, which represents 20-30% of overall traffic. However, different back-end portal and protocols means mismatched PNRs in different airlines' systems, creating a chaotic and frictional experience when it comes to digital engagement.


Operational carriers have no control, access and knowledge about those 20-30% passengers who are directed from marketing carriers. They remain anonymous with 0% penetration of ancillary upsell.



Interactive email based solution is the first application that allows interlining and codeshare flights equally equipped with ancillary upsell opportunities, and rich content, for travelers, with one email, they will be able to check in complex itinerary involves multiple carriers, without having to download or login.

Boost conversions

Generate post ticketing point of sales

Easy and transparent booking of services

Agile service and product distribution

Increase ancillary revenue

Increase booking efficiency

Cut labor costs

Data driven decisions

Increase revenue per customer

acquisition cost

Enhance airline content

distribution in GDS channels

Reach out to anonymous travelers from the GDS channel and collect ancillary revenue leakage from this market

Value Proposition

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