This wholesaler and white label partnership program is for GDSes who are looking to:





GDSes can become great strategic partners for Airlines by helping them distribute ancillary services through interactive emails... meanwhile providing Agencies a sophisticated and automated merchandising tool,

to increase customer engagement and improve customer experience.




Establish direct ancillary upsells from agency "green screens"

to travelers

Offer agencies rich content marketing tools from integrated

GDS booking portals

Upgrading existing itinerary email component

Challenges & Opportunities


Ancillary conversions from the GDS channel don’t meet Airlines expectations, while GDS connected Agencies do not have the necessary tools/software to upsell ancillaries in an automated manor.

“On our website (booking), take-up rates for some of our ancillary offers exceeds 20%. We get none of that -- zero -- on the OTAs”

- Director, eCommerce, US-based network Airline


“Distribution is about transparency. In retail, the stores must present merchandise the way the brands want. Airlines have no control over presentation or merchandising in GDSs and OTAs”

- Vice President, Distribution, European network/flag Airline


“GDSs and travel agencies that can’t sell our ancillary products the way we want”

- Managing Director, eCommerce, European network/flag Airline

Value Proposition



GDSes will be equipped with essential itinerary email solutions that carries interactive and dynamic ancillary service offerings... to help power thousands of GDS connected agencies.

Automated ancillary service offerings through email point of sales

Maximizing revenue opportunities by extending the lifecycle of service offerings to the travelers.

Bridging the gap between the Airlines/Agencies and GDS travelers


Airlines have the opportunity to engage with travelers that were once anonymous


Bringing e-commerce back into the travel industry

Increase conversion rates

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