Challenge & Opportunity


Today, up to 70% of passengers drop off during the online check-in process. That is more than 1 Billion of lost engagement every year. This is the result of a lengthy and frictional process, from copy and pasting e-ticket numbers, logins, agreeing to terms and conditions, entering passenger’s details, to assigning seats etc. In average it takes about 40 clicks,

8 pages and 7mins... just to check-in and engage with the airlines’ content.


Due to today’s frictional check-in experience, many things are effected in the process. Lost ancillary upsell opportunties, increased service demands at the airport consequently resulting in labor cost increase, decrease NPS score. Goal completion of check-in conversions is a key number associated with NPS scores and ancillary revenue. SeatAssignMate’s in-email check-in functionalities are designed to double current conversion numbers.

Flight Check-in


When the check-in window is open, the boarding pass can be generated with a click of a button,

or in some cases, automatically generated.

This is designed to be utilized at the

airport to cross customs and

board at the gate.


Maximizing NPS score


As a result of this “One Click” (or, in some cases automatic) check-in process, there will be an increase in the NPS score... leading to incremental revenue increase, as well as decreasing labor costs for the airline.

Maximizing NPS score


Eliminating the hassle factor of the lengthy online check-in process, means we are reducing the friction of ancillary purchase. Having rich content such as baggage and seat upgrade directly in the email body allows for a much pleasant and seamless ancillary purchase experience.


The graph indicates the correlation between the NPS score, digital experience and revenue growth. Airlines are striving towards high NPS scores which reports state, high NPS scores convert to high revenue growth. “Online check-in” and “Ease of ancillary booking” was ranked amongst those top important contributing factors towards a high NPS score. Good user experience and eliminating frictional process are key drivers SAM strives for.

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