Increase conversions,

Increase sales,

Increase traffic, the email channel


We specialize in interactive email technology and ancillary email marketing. Our goal is to help Airlines increase +50% of ancillary revenues from the email channel, by creating a more engaging and immersive selling experience.

Challenges & Opportunities


Ancillary is a critical revenue resource for legacy and low cost carriers. However, it is challenging for Airlines to break the current glass ceiling of ancillary revenue and further boost conversions, due to a lengthy login process. After a lot of user testing, an average of about 30 clicks and 8 pages was recorded just to purchase a seat on a typical carrier’s site, which takes approx

7 minutes.

Value Proposition



Dynamic Content


Each time the email is opened, we have the ability to dynamically change the service content (in a sent email)

according to Airline’s recommendation rules.


Dynamic Pricing


When the email is opened, the traveler's ticket class will be determined, and the correct pricing of the services that are associated with that ticket class will be displayed.

Data driven decisions


Helping Airlines make predictive service recommendation decisions, by providing them essential traveler behavior data and in email interactions.

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