Automated ancillary upsell, in email


We help Agencies upsell ancillaries to their travelers in an automated way, with the use of interactive emails. It is a subscription based style checkin solution which is leveraged across desktop, mobile and tablet.

Challenges & Opportunities


Agencies are approached by travelers with ancillary inquiries all the time, but keeping track of what services are offered for specific flights and fulfilling a payment for a service is such an inconvenient or impossible task. Due to these circumstances, travelers often have to book their services from an Airlines or third party website. This leads to a loss in customer engagement, loss in potential revenues, and worse... losing the customer to another Travel Agency.

Value Proposition



Activate post-ticketing purchase and embrace the ancillary revenue era by paving the path towards ancillary commissioning

Offer ancillary services to their travellers at different stages

and touch points (post ticketing), in an automated process

Cost efficient and affordable cloud based application, with a full functionality of check-in and upselling features, including worldwide carriers’ seat maps, currencies/payment solution

Customized application interface with agency’s branding

Access to ancillaries through SAM’s Rich Content Hub, without going through the lengthy certification process from Airlines

Easy implementation and seamlessly integrates into the agencies’ current workflow through Smartpoint and/or other GDS portals

Invoice summaries and industry standard documents such as EMD is reflected across mid/back office for convenient reporting

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